Tuesday, March 23, 2010

our latest happenings...

The latest happenings here...

Ember turned 4! We had a fun Carnival-themed birthday party for her. She is such a fun girl! She loves to draw and paint and will do it for hours and hours if she could! She is a great big sister to Cannon. I can't imagine our life without her! Love her to pieces!

We took our Hunter, Jenna and Ember skiing for the first time last week! They were all pretty nervous but they all did great! It was especially fun to see Hunters progression. He really started to get the hang of it towards the end. It was a perfect day for it--the kids had to keep pulling off layers because they were getting too warm.

Hunter had his first pine-wood derby race tonight. No trophies, but still lots of fun! We made some mental notes on what we would do differently for next years car.

Cannon is officially in Nursery! Wow, I feel like I can actually go to church and be spiritually fed! Thank you Nursery teachers! On a side note, Cannon's favorite things that he does now are: walking around in daddy's shoes (or mommy's or anyones!), bringing me his shoes so we can go outside, climbing--on EVERYTHING!!, reading books, eating, playing outside, and playing hide-and-seek! So fun and adorable. I truly love this stage of his life!

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The Terry's said...

mental note on what to do differently with next years car? Get someone that will do a better job to paint it! haha.
Amy I love your cute family. Sometimes it seems SO crazy that we are all grown up and raising children. I feel like it has helped bring me closer to my you and my other sisters because we have something in common now! -- KIDS! Love you so much. Can't wait till my kiddos are better so we can play again!