Friday, August 28, 2009


Milestone #1---Hunter started 2nd grade and Jenna started 1st grade last week! Its crazy that Jenna is gone all day too now. What a long day for such a little girl! Hunter and Jenna eat lunch together every day. It makes me so happy that Hunter takes good care of his sister while they are away. I am really enjoying the time I have to spend with Cannon and Ember. They are so much FUN!

Milestone #2---Cannon is officially a walker! Sooooo Fun! Its so cute to see him walk. He's been taking steps for a couple weeks now, but now he prefers walking to crawing! They grow up wayyyyyy too fast!

Milestone #3---Gabe is back in school too! He started at UVU on Wednesday. I am so happy for him.
The other photo I posted is of Gabe taking the kids to their beds last night. They always have so much fun with him. It feels good to blog again. I will do better at posting more regularly! :)