Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"I love you" just because

I've realized lately that my little kids are growing too fast--but this has also helped me remember how precious this time with them is. Hunter is reading The Book of Mormon every night before bed (thanks to Primary) and he's understanding it! He is such a good brother to his younger siblings. Jenna watches EVERYTHING I do and mimics me. This helps me take a good look at myself as I consider who I see her as and who I see her becoming. I did have a sad realization the other day. Hunter and Jenna were playing play-doh at the table and I looked at them and said "I love you" and Jenna looks up and says "where are you going?" to which I responded, "Nowhere. Can't a mom tell her kids she loves them just because, not only when she's leaving the house?" I guess I could do a better job at telling them I love them more!
Ember will be three on Sunday. She is a delight. She'd sit by my side and have me read her books all day if I could. She also loves to bake cookies with me. Cannon is 5 months old and is so well natured. He forgot how to sleep throught the night however! I've just started him on a few solids and he's loving that. Gabe is BUSY with work and it's going really well for him. He's just getting ready to kick off for the summer. As for me, I'm good. I've been tired lately, probably due to Cannon's sleepless nights. I did get out last night though. At dinner last night, Gabe suggested that I take some time just for me. I happily took the opportunity and headed to the mall. :) I left around 7:30 and when I came back about two hours later, Gabe had all the kids sound asleep--including Cannon! And I came back with a few fantastic bargains and a big smile!
Thanks Gabe.