Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A successful transfer!

So today was the day! I am in Chicago right now with Christina. This morning I had the embryo transfer. And it was a success! The Dr. said that the embryo looked strong and healthy. It was so amazing to be able to watch the whole process! They had a large TV on the wall and magnified the embryo 400x. Then, via ultra sound, we literally watched them suck the tiny embryo up and insert it right into my uterus. Christina said she got all teary-eyed watching her little baby go inside of me. It truly is a miraculous process! I am now on bed rest for a couple days. Christina is taking such great care of me. She really is so amazing! I am so happy to be doing this for them. We will know by next Friday if it actually takes (we are all praying, of course, that it does!) My sweet in-laws are in town tending the children all week. I really feel like they couldn't be in better hands. I do miss them all and Gabe so much! I come back home on Saturday morning. I am filled with all kinds of emotions right now-- happy, grateful, excited, hopeful to name a few. Thank you all for your prayers, love, and concern for us in this exciting journey we are embarking.