Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Not my will, but Thine be done"

Good news is much more exciting to spread than bad, but nonetheless, I feel the need to share this news as well. On Monday morning I went in for my bloodwork to find out if the pregnancy took, and later that day recieved a call that it was negative. The sweet innocent embryo didn't make it this time. Yes, I was so dissappointed. Even though there was at best a 50% chance of it working, I still kept thinking that it would work and make my uterus its home for 9 months. I am, after all, so fertile. Christina is young with healthy eggs. But, I am learning that it wasn't time. I know that God, the Great Creator of all, is in charge and knows whats best. I may never find out why it didn't work this time, but I do have faith that it will happen when its supposed to. Christina and Scott are of course saddened deeply by this news, but they too, have great faith and trust in the Lord. They are strong. They want this to happen more than I do. They will have their sweet little baby one day--hopefully sooner than later. We will try again soon. They were able to freeze 4 of Christina's eggs and so she won't have to go through the retrieval process again. I am off meds now, but will begin again in a few weeks to get my body prepared for try #2!

Before we recieved this news, in every prayer said by Jenna she prayed for the baby in my tummy to be able to grow and be healthy. When I shared the news with my kids that the baby didn't make it this time, they too were sad, but quickly drew the conclusion that it wasn't that baby's turn to come to earth. They have such great faith. I love their sweet spirits so much! I learn so much from them! Thank you sweet children for continually teaching your mommy so much about life and love and faith. I love you all. Life is good. I will always trust in the Lord in all things.


The Terry's said...

Amy you are so amazing. What sweet kiddos too. Love you.

David and Cori said...

Love you sis. You are such an inspiration to me.

Charitons said...

I appreciate your post Amy. thanks for sharing your thoughts and feeling about it all. And you do have such great kids we miss them and you. Love you!