Tuesday, November 18, 2008

skating mishap

I was just trying to be a good mom, and take Hunter roller skating last night!! We had just gotten on the rink (this was Hunter's first time skating) and so Hunter was holding on tightly to my hand. So when he fell, I went down with him. I knew right away that I had hurt my wrist, I just wasn't sure exactly until about an hour later, the E.R. doc informed me my wrist is broken. I couldn't believe it! They splinted me all up, gave me some nice meds, and sent me home. Feeding time with Cannon and changing his diapers (and typing--one handed!) are whole new experiences! Ember helped me change him this morning, bless her heart! Luckily, Gabe's schedule is flexible and he has been home most of the day to help me! My Relief Society President and my mom both brought in dinners tonight. So thoughtful! I told Hunter I'd take him skating another time--he insisted that he wants his dad to take him instead--fine with me!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween, Cannon's Blessing and Bugs

Life has been busy, but really fun. Gabe's mom and sister Ari came and spent a week with us before Cannon's blessing. Then his dad came for that weekend. Then his other sister Jessica suprised us and came up from Phoenix. It was great having them all here. Hunter turned seven on the 30th and we went to Hee Haw Farms to celebrate. The next day was Halloween. We had fun trunk-or-treating with Danielle and Hillary and their kids. On Sunday the 2nd, we had 50 people (25 of which were kids under age 7!!!) at our house for a luncheon prior to Cannon's blessing. It was......exciting! It was so thoughtful of everyone who traveled to be here. We love and appreciate you. It was a wonderful day. As nice as it was to have guests and visitors, it was sure nice to get my house back and into the usual swing of things once again.

So two quick funny bug stories...
There's a spider in our kitchen. I ask Hunter to kill it. He says he wants to save it and let it go free outside. Gabe interjects and says " Okay, if your little spider wants to go outside we'll give him a chance. Open the door and I'll count to 10. 1...2....3..." So Hunter opens the door and says, "Dad!! He doesn't understand!! He doesn't even know where the door is!" Gabe grabs a tissue and kills the spider. Hunter is devastated and says, " Dad, you killed the spider!" to which Gabe replies, "no the tissue did."

Ember got a little bug catcher thing in her Sonic Kids meal. We get home and she wants to go find some bugs to put in it. I tell her, "Ember, its too cold outside for bugs" (meaning there are none out there). She replies, "its okay mom, I have a coat on." Gabe says, " I know you do sweetie, but the bugs don't!" My witty husband! Ember went searching anyway. I know its a long post, but now I'm caught up! Phew!

My kids having fun in the freshly fallen leaves

Our family on Cannon's blessing day--attempting
to get 4 kids to cooperate was somewhat of a challenge

Cannon on his blessing day-- 6 weeks old

This year we ended up with a vampire (Edward Cullen to be specific), Batman, a fairy princess, and a puppy dog.

The cousins all got together for trunk or treating
We had a great time!!!