Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spotlighting Ember!

Ember and I have a game we play often. Its the "what was your favorite part of the day?" game. She normally initiates this game. So she asked me today and I told her that my favorite part was taking her to the pet store. She then replies, "oh mom, thanks. You're the best mom ever!" now, mind you, she's not telling me thank you because I took her to the pet store, but because I told her that doing something with HER was my favorite part. She sure knows how to boost my ego. She sure puts a smile (or laugh) on my face too! A little bit ago, we had our lawn aerated. She sees all these little dirt clumps on our grass and starts to "fix" it by putting the clumps back in the wholes! (I guess that pretty much defeats the purpose of the aeration!) Her favorite things in the whole world are making Cannon laugh, CANDY, riding her tricycle, playing little games on the computer, and making cookies with me. We make cookies about once a week and she's getting to be quite the chef! She really loves "our time" (she actually calls it "me and us" time)---when Jenna and Hunter are in school and Cannon is napping. She loves to create things and is so much fun! I love you Ember!

My beautiful mommy!
(just thought i'd stick this one in from my last post.)