Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spotlighting Hunter

A lot has happened in Hunters life since the end of October..... Here is the lastest... He gets baptized!!!! Doesn't he look sharp?
He was so happy all day---he knew it was a very special day.
Many loved ones came to share this special day with us! Oh, and he turned turned eight on the 30th (and was baptized the next day on Halloween!) Hunter and Gabe got in a big leave war! We all had soooo much fun! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Chariton who helped rake our mountains of leaves!! We love you guys!

Hunter's very first piano recital! He was fabulous. We were so proud of him!

Hunter is such a good kid! Truly we are soooo grateful he is in our family! He is such a good helper to me and is a fantastic big brother to all his siblings. He and Jenna are the bestest friends and are so fun (and funny) together! He loves reading, piano, basketball, scouts, wresting with his dad, anything related to life-science, playing games and watching movies as a family. He really wants a bearded dragon that he's been saving up for for a long time! I love you HUNTER!


alison said...

He is such a mini- Gabe! So sorry we were not able to attend the baptism, but we are very proud of hunter!

Friesslings said...

I love your family! I can't believe Hunter has grown so much. Can't wait to see you all soon. Love you Hunter!